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Panda Play Therapy
Rajvia Kaur
01902 936885
Tiny Talents Pre-School,
1A Field Street, Willenhall, WV13 2NY

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Welcome to Panda Play Therapy

At Panda Play Therapy, we believe in the transformative power of play. Our mission is to support children and families by providing a safe and nurturing environment where they can explore, express, and heal through the language of play.


What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a form of counseling or psychotherapy that uses play to communicate with and help children. Through play, children can express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a way that is natural to them. This therapeutic approach is particularly effective for children who may find it challenging to express themselves verbally.​

Tiny Talents Pre-School is pleased to partner up with Panda Play Therapy.


Why Choose Play Therapy?

  • Child-Centered: Tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

  • Safe Environment: A confidential and non-judgmental space for children to explore and grow.

  • Effective: Proven to help children cope with emotional, behavioral, and social challenges.

  • Empowering: Helps children build resilience, self-esteem, and problem-solving skills.


Panda Play Therapy is founded by Raji Kaur who completed her MA in Fine Art in 2012 at the University of Kent.

She was then awarded a scholarship for her Master Degree in Art in the Public Sphere by Loughborough University after they were impressed by 'Polly' an 8ft tall "Hybrid Elephant" sculpture that still stands tall, outside the Medway Campus.

As an extremely and mindful individual who children naturally radiate towards, Raji embarked on her journey towards becoming a Therapeutic Play Therapist to help children's healing and well-being.

Raji Kaur, Play Practitioner


For ease of scheduling, all professionals and parents are kindly asked to use our bookings page to book sessions and discussion meetings.

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